La maison FLEUR DE METS travaille sur des offres et des produits compatibles avec les mesures sanitaires et les mesures d’interdiction de rassemblement actuelles.
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L’ensemble de vos interlocuteurs habituels restent disponibles et joignables pour vous conseiller et accompagner vos projets.
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Whether discovered or produced in-house, Cuisine & Cie has brought together the best, in order to concoct exquisitely delicious aperitifs for your after works meetings and social events… A joyful and uninhibited exploration of local products (ultra-high-protein, ultra-delicious!), temptations to be savoured with a devilish piece of bread and vegetarian-friendly nibbles (kitchen garden pesto, plant mini bagels), a culinary delight bursting with freshness! And to quench your thirs ...


The gourmet bistro food spirit, with a twist of inspirations from the chef’s travels, is the inspiration for the seated meals menu. A sensual cuisine that comes in all formats, served at large guest tables, in a picnic version etc. Dishes to be shared, as between friends, whether served in a cast-iron casserole dish or a jar revealing all to view, for rapid, splendid and delicious lunches!

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(Français) En 2019, la maison confirme ses engagements pour un monde durable

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Cuisine & partage

CUISINE & CIE is a different way of bringing your events to life.

Founded in the start-up spirit, it explodes traditional catering conventions by creating shared moments that are both innovative, responsible and relaxed.

It is run by our manager, Kimberley, and her team, who will bend over backwards to ensure a reinvented experience for you and your guests. You will be surprised by the state-of-the-art cuisine, with generous portions to share and contemporary production for a joyful mood.



We have been signatories of the United Nations Global Compact since 2014.


The whole of our waste is sorted and recycled.


As of 2015 we employ 49% women and 51% men.


We work with a list of suppliers in Île-de-France, within a 150 km radius, in order to offer a 100% local produce-based menu.


We will find the venue that matches the event you want to organise.


Perched among the rooftops of Paris, Rooftop offers a space for hosting events of all shapes and sizes.

salons marceau

Salons Marceau living and reception area of FLEUR DE METS


We are recommended by all of the venues that matter in Paris and the Paris Region.